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Supporting local communities.

About African Craft Street

African Craft Street is a wholesaler of a wide variety of African craft.  We are based just outside Durban in the lush green hills of Kwa-Zulu Natal, a province on the east coast of South Africa. This is the home of the Zulu nation, with its traditions of Zulu beadwork, telephone wire weaving and other crafts.

Supporting local communities
At African Craft Street, we work together with craft groups within local communities. Our crafters have incredible skills in a variety of traditional crafts. These skills are shared within the community and are passed on from generation to generation. However, our crafters do have difficulties accessing markets to sell their beautiful craftwork.  At African Craft Street, we provide a bridge to these markets and a way for these talented crafters to earn an income selling their craftwork, empowering both themselves and their communities. These crafters often don’t have access to the formal market due to socio economic and educational factors and so rely on producing craft to earn an income.

 Our crafters generally work at their homes both in both rural villages and urban towns. Many are woman, with families to support and working from home enables them to combine their craft work with their normal routines eg looking after children, cooking, tending crops and other daily chores.  Our products are handmade and labour intensive and so the production of these products creates a large number of jobs for these communities.  It also provides a creative outlet for the crafters and a way of keeping traditional crafts alive and developing.

African Craft Street are wholesalers and all prices on our website are wholesale prices. We strive keep our mark-ups low and therefore our prices low. This is to generate sales to fulfil our primary aim of providing much needed work to our crafters.
Due to us supplying at wholesale prices, we have a minimum order of R2000.

Products supplied

Zulu Beadwork
Zulu beadwork is beaded by hand and is unique in its patterns and colours. Historically beadwork was used as a means of conveying feelings and messages. It is often used in clothing and accessories for social events such as engagements and weddings.  Our crafters produce both traditional and contemporary designs. We supply a variety of items including necklaces, scarves, gloves, headbands, belts, bracelets, bangles, earrings, rings, lanyards, keyrings, hair accessories as well as novelty items like dolls, knobkerrie sticks, food nets, beaded animals, lighters, pens and mugs.

Telephone Wire Weaving
The South African Zulu art of weaving brightly coloured baskets and bowls from telephone wire is a skill that stems from the traditional grass basket weaving. This handmade contemporary craft   started with the Zulu night watchmen who would weave discarded phone wire around their security sticks to keep themselves busy. Using the skills of grass basket weaving, the ladies then transformed this art into baskets and many other items. Keeping this tradition alive they have modernized colours and styles. We supply a range of bowls, vases and coaster sets.

Traditional African Clothing
Africa has a rich cultural history including many different traditional ceremonies and celebrations. Bright colourful beaded clothing, attire and accessories, have and still do, form an important decorative part of the heritage and ceremonies. Many items have deep meaning and symbolism.
Zulu woman’s traditional clothing supplied includes beaded skirts, belts, arm bands, necklaces, head pieces, hats, gloves, scarves and shoes. Traditional Zulu men’s clothing includes batata shoes, blacelo trousers & waistcoats, leopard print vests & shirts and skin headbands.

African Décor and Home Accessories
A variety of traditional hand crafted products from different Southern African countries. They are popular for interior decoration and collectors. Each item is hand carved individually and decorated by a skilled crafter, adding a special, unique quality to every piece.



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